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Yogi Web

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Eco friendly happy yoga mats + happy booty bands. Bright & colourful mats encouraging you to move your body for your mind! 

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Cara Lee Collective

My all time favourite local Gold Coast activewear brand! Whether you want a cute activewear set to wear to pilates, something comfortable and flowing for yoga, an athleisure brunch date outfit or something you can wear surfing, Carra Lee has got you!

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The mat collective

The best clean beauty products! Vegan, cruelty free, mineral based & makeup that is actually good for your skin!!

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Wanderlust Wellness

Another amazing Australian brand that has you covered for all of your wellness needs. Wanderlust products are all organic, plant based, naturally derived and consciously created. A B Corp certified company that genuinely care about your wellbeing.

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Eco friendly yoga mats all the way from New Zealand. 

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Hi beautiful!

I'm Chantelle.

Yoga, pilates, barre, reformer, meditation teacher, mindfulness & movement lover. 

Chantelle Rose Flows is a wellness service to support you in finding physical, mental, emotional and spiritual equilibrium. Incorporating mind, body awareness and deep connection to breath through the practice of yoga, pilates and meditation.

Mindful movement and mindfulness practices for all levels to help you unwind, find balance, build strength and cultivate joy from within. I am here to guide you in becoming your next level self!

Lots of love,
Chantelle x

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2 week holistic mindful movement program

Movement meets mindfulness

count me in

Join the Challenge

14 classes in 14 days.

A holistic approach where movement meets mindfulness. Set the tone for the new month and invite in the energy you wish to receive. Set yourself up strong, create solid foundations for healthy habits to power you through the year. Each day has a new theme teaching us how to live these practices both on and off the mat. Set your intentions, bring on the new season - I’ll see you on the mat soon xxx 

The epitome of mindful movement. A reset - let’s do it!


with intention. 


your next level self.

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class timetable


TONE (Mat Pilates)
7:00am - 7:45am
8:00am - 8:45am

TONE (reformer) 
9:30am - 10:15am

(Train Worthy)


peaches pilates


Come flow with me!

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Peaches Pilates 
4:30pm - 5:15pm 

Yoga + Meditation
5:30pm - 6:15pm

(Peaches Pilates)

TONE (Reformer)
7:00am - 7:45am
8:00am - 8:45am

(Train Worthy)

TONE (Reformer)
5:00pm - 5:45pm

(Train Worthy)

- Jenifer Babin 

"...walk away feeling like I’ve worked on both my body and mind."

"Chantelle has a GIFT for teaching! I’ve been going to her classes for months and just love the vibe she cultivates!

She’s caring and engaging with her students and pieces together these super fun workouts that target the entire body and makes you loose track of time!

I love her ability to also embed pieces of wisdom throughout her classes about self-love and self-awareness, which makes me walk away feeling like I’ve worked on both my body and mind."

- Claudia Compton

"I’ve never felt more connected to myself and feeling such deep love for me! 

(attended ‘Creating Clarity A Guided Intention Setting Journey’)

“ Thankyou so much for that magical workshop! I’ve never felt more connected to myself and feeling such deep love for me! Yay!

Your facilitation was incredible! You bring the energy, love, grace and passion into everything you do. Thankyou for the best afternoon with the yoga and intention setting I loved it!”

 - Kelly Brown

"an amazing instructor and brings such a bubbly positive energy to her practice."

“Chantelle is an amazing instructor and brings such a bubbly positive energy to her practice.

I truly look forward to going to her classes each week and enjoying the safe space she has created.”

- Madison Read

""I always look forward to her classes."

"Chantelle really knows what she is doing when it comes to health & wellness. She is so fun and bubbly which makes her classes really enjoyable, even with a nice burn afterwards.

I love the breath work sessions she includes at the end of every session. I always have a laugh with her and I always look forward to her classes."

- Hannah McNeilage

"Always leave feeling like I have had a really purposeful session"

"Classes have such an enjoyable atmosphere and vibes are always really blissful. Always leave feeling like I have had a really purposeful session.

Definitely would recommend especially creating clarity events!"